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Oct 6, 2021

On this episode Dave is joined by Dr. Jerry W. Jones, MD FACEP FAAEM, to discuss why ST elevation is not always an infarction. Dr. Jones will highlight why we need to think about morphology and shape when interpreting ECGs and why reciprocal changes are just as important as the primary changes and more! 


Dr. Jones is the CEO and Founder of Medicus of Houston. Medicus of Houston is a continuing medical education company that specializes in advanced ECG interpretation and instruction. 

He is a Board-certified emergency physician, author, speaker, instructor and and internationally-recognized expert in electrocardiography.

Dr. Jones is a diplomate of the American Board of Emergency Medicine who has practiced internal medicine and emergency medicine for over 40 years.

Also In This Episode

  • How to diagnose real infarctions
  • How ischemia damages the cell
  • Cells creating electrical current
  • How electrical current creates is responsible for ST depression and elevation
  • Systolic and Diastolic currents of injury
  • How not to confuse subendocardial ischemia with reciprocal change 


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