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Current ECG Podcast

Advancing the skill of ECG Interpretation by providing current ECG research, making it a little less scary and little more fun.

Offering audio and video podcasts as well as courses in ECG (EKG) Interpretation, Current has a passionate and animated approach to presenting Electrocardiography.

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Apr 7, 2020

In this episode, Dave talks about COVID-19 and some additional information that clinicians and emergency care providers can use to help them identify and manage some of these patients.

Also In This Episode

  • ECG Tracing examples
  • What does COVID-19 do to the heart?
  • Not all viruses are the same
  • Systemic inflammatory...

Apr 1, 2020

In this episode, Dave talks about VTACH, monomorphic and polymorphic, how to define them and finding the root cause of a rhythm.

Also In This Episode

  • Monomorphic VTACH defined 
  • Dave's story - When you're following ACLS but the patient doesn't respond as expected
  • ECG Tracing example - wide tachycardia


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