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Current ECG Podcast

Advancing the skill of ECG Interpretation by providing current ECG research, making it a little less scary and little more fun.

Offering audio and video podcasts as well as courses in ECG (EKG) Interpretation, Current has a passionate and animated approach to presenting Electrocardiography.

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Jun 6, 2019

Yesterday our system had some issues! Basically a technology STEMI! Please except this bonus episode as a small token of our appreciation for your patience and for sticking with us! 

On this episode Dave talks about one of the most important tools we carry as emergency medicine practitioners. Dave shares his personal...

Jun 4, 2019

*The content of Ep.9 has been updated* Dave has made some small but important changes to the content, if you have the previous version of this episode you can kick that one aside and make this version your new best friend. 

** In addition, our website and our podcast platforms had a fight this morning, the video...