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Sep 4, 2019

On this episode Dave talks about 1st, 2nd and his all time favorite 3rd Degree AV Blocks,  as well as Cannon A Waves and the importance of morphology when determining which type of block your patient may be experiencing.

Also In This Episode

  • PR Interval, QRS Complex & QT Interval
  • AV Blocks
  • 1st Degree Block - It's not benign! I'll show you 2 types of patients where it's life threatening 
  • 1st Degree Block - ECG example
  • 2nd Degree Block - Type 1 & Type 2 
  • 3rd Degree Block - The absolute greatest trick I ever learned for spotting a 3rd degree block without even putting the cardiac monitor on!
  • Cannon A Waves
  • When trying to differentiate between 2nd or 3rd Degree AV blocks, focus on the morphology of the T waves. 


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