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Apr 7, 2021

In this episode, Dave shares the importance of practicing quality CPR with the goal of being the 'ultimate compressor'. 

Also In This Episode:

  • Patient case which deteriorates to cardiac arrest-
    • AHA/ILCOR ECC guidelines to begin immediate chest compressions and application of the cardiac monitor with an attempt at defibrillation.
    • Work as a team on the choreography of resuscitation. Ensuring no one provider has a cognitive overload and is able to focus on a specific assigned task.
    • Ensure the provider who is performing the skill of chest compressions is able to focus on the appropriate rate, minimizing pauses, and allowing for complete chest recoil.
    • CPP - Coronary Perfusion Pressure is the key to providing the cardiomyocytes with the sugar, water, oxygen they need to survive by perfusing the coronary ostia and building CPP. 
    • Post ROSC care should include maintaining a systolic blood pressure of at least 90mmhg, 02 sats between 94-99%, patient normothermia, 12 lead ECG interpretation and finally working with other health care providers on a coordinated transfer of care.


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