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Aug 5, 2020

In this episode, Dave is joined by Tarlan Hedayati, MD, to discuss Bradycardias and Blocks.

Dr.Hedayati is a practicing Emergency Physican in Cook County, Chicago. She is also the Associate Professor and Chair of Education for the Emergency Medicine Department. 

Also In This Episode

  • Defining Bradycardia
  • Stable vs. unstable
  • Sinus vs. not sinus
  • Narrow vs. wide
  • AV Blocks
  • ECG Tracing example 1
    • 1st Degree AV Block 
    • 2nd Degree AV Block
  • ECG Tracing example 2
  • ECG Tracing example 3
    • 3rd Degree Heart Block
  • What is causing this Bradycardia?
  • ECG Tracing example 4
    • Bradycardia in ACS
  • Clinical context
    • ECG Tracing example 5
  • The Brady Bunch
    • Beta Blockers, CCB, Clonidine, Digoxin
  • ECG Tracing example 6
    • Hyperkalemia
  • ECG Tracing example 7
    • Slow and narrow
  • ECG Tracing example 8
    • Regular and wide
  • ECG Tracing example 9
    • Osborn waves
  • ECG Challenge 
  • The Cardiac Monitor is a dirty rotten scoundrel 


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Twitter: @HedayatiMD


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